Industrial Computing

Real-time tracking and loss control: trough communication "On-line" with each of the main elements of the plant, up to level sensors and PLC, we maintain a detailed, immediate and automatic on production control. Control of efficiency of machine (OEE): the recording and the entry of data automatic and them new interfaces of exchange of information man-machine us allow carry a control detailed on the work of the different areas of production, control of quality, stores  and we can know immediately: who has made what, where and when, and in case of incidence and / or breakdown what corrective actions have been carried out and what stop time have involved.

Communication and Exchange of information with ERPs: The exchange of information with the different managers of the information of the company (ERP, controls of the planning) us generates a significant saving of work and mistakes in the capture of information of production, which usually is done copying reports written by the Operators, and it allows us to have the control of stocks real time, to send to plant the planning of the production depending on the received orders and the different loads of work foreseen.

Dashboards and mobile applications: To have real time all the information of the plant that allows us to take immediate decisions and accurate because the information is available and always up to date, and is accessible from anywhere in the world via webbrowser, mobile app (iOS and Android) with varying degrees of security and access.

Other specific and custom applications: Each company is different and each sector has its problems. We analyze each case individually, to provide the necessary to achieve implement all the improvements that the industry gives us 4.0, giving us real reduction in production costs and improvements in efficiency, control product quality.